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ImageMagick Examples Preface and Index

In this directory are various shell and perl scripts that have been developed (mostly by me) for use with ImageMagick Version 6.

They provide more complex examples, and techniques, or generate images to better explain the image processing techniques being discussed in IM Examples.

Below is a file listing of the directory contents with a summery of what each script provides. Dwnload an view the script itself for more details as each script is self documenting.

Icon  Name                    Size  Description
[TXT] affine_distort 2.1K Generate an affine matrix from SRT args [TXT] affine_rotate 2.1K Generate an affine matrix for Rotatation [TXT] affine_transform 3.8K Generate an affine matrix from 3 coords [TXT] anim2gif 3.9K Convert a GIF animation into IM Animation Options [TXT] 1.9K Demo of using QueryFontMetrics() for text [TXT] bg_removal 5.6K Remove backgrounds with anti-aliasing [TXT] bilinear_transform 4.3K Coordinates to Bilinear Coefficients [TXT] box_set_example 1.6K Generate a Perspective 'box' [TXT] compose_table 7.1K Generate Tables of Composite Methods [   ] convert_any2srgb 2.6K Convert any image to a SRGB jpeg image [TXT] convolve_image 2.1K Convolve two images (a multi-point compose) [TXT] cylinder_bar 7.2K Generate a cylinder percentage bar [TXT] de-pixelate 2.6K Remove rows/columns of a pixelated image [TXT] deinterlace 192 Deinterlace a video snapshot [TXT] display_virtual 503 Display Virtual Canvas around a distorted image [TXT] divide_chopper 2.5K Divide a image by row than column [TXT] divide_vert 8.0K Divide a image into rows using blank gaps [TXT] divide_vert_bg 4.3K Divide a image into rows using blank gaps [TXT] 2.2K DPX time code manipulation [TXT] enlarge_image 5.4K Enlarge asmall image into pixel squares [TXT] flicker_cmp 3.6K Compare two images by flicker animation [   ] frame_edges.tar.gz 64K Image Framing Script and Images [TXT] generate_index 3.5K Generate Image Index for Photo Store [   ] generate_logo 5.7K Generate IM Examples Logo [TXT] generate_test 2.4K Generate a Gradient Color Test Image [TXT] gif2anim 7.9K Convert Animation Options file into GIF Animation [TXT] gif_anim_montage 4.0K Generate a montage of GIF Animation Frames [   ] graphics_utf 5.5K Output a block of UTF Characters [TXT] hole_fill_shepards 3.9K Fill holes in images with its edge colors [TXT] hsl_named_colors 3.7K Plot Named Colors in HSL Colorspace [TXT] im_annotation 1.6K Create Animation of Annotation Rotations [TXT] 1.9K Create Animation of Annotation Rotations [TXT] im_annotation_2 1.5K Create Animation of Annotation Rotations [TXT] im_fx_curves 5.0K Color control points into a Function (gnuplot) [TXT] 3.4K Color control points into a Function (gnuplot) [TXT] 2.7K Color control points into a Function (gnuplot) [TXT] im_graph 3.7K Generate Graph of changes made by a IM Operator [TXT] im_histogram 2.9K Generate Graph of a Math Expression [TXT] im_profile 5.0K Plot the Profile of a Greyscale Image [TXT] image2kernel 3.5K Convert small images into morpholgy kernels [TXT] imagick_type_gen 15K Generate a IM Font "type.xml" Config File [TXT] jigsaw 10K Extract 3-D Jigsaw Puzzle Pieaces form Image and mask [TXT] kernel2image 12K Generate a image (enlarged) of Morphology Kernels [TXT] multi_crop 11K Crop sub-images from a larger image [TXT] overlap 16K [TXT] overlap.v1 4.0K [TXT] overlap.v2 4.8K [TXT] overlap.v3_select 8.0K [TXT] overlap.v4 15K [TXT] overlap.v5 16K [TXT] pagecurl 17K Add a pagecurl effect to image corner [TXT] 5.0K [TXT] perspective_transform 5.0K Coordinates to Perspective Coefficients [TXT] pngcrush_batch 641 Use "pngcrush" to process multiple PNGs images [TXT] polaroid_series 2.5K Generate a Sequence of Polarid Images [TXT] process_ppm_pipeline 3.1K Process a pipeline of lots of PPM images [TXT] segment_image 2.8K Segment each Color area into separate images [TXT] segment_via_svg 1.7K ditto using "rsvg" to do segmentation [   ] show_colors 415 Create a table of Color Names [TXT] show_fonts 5.7K Display Character Sets of a given Font [TXT] slideshow_morph 3.8K Random Slideshow animation (proof of concept) [TXT] slideshow_next 2.1K Change to this photo n an existing 'slideshow' [TXT] snapshot_webpages 2.4K Webpage snapshot using a Virtual X display [TXT] star_field 2.2K Generate a random 'hex' star field [TXT] text2img_fixed 4.4K Display font in a montage (very slow) [TXT] txt2gif 1.2K Convert text file to GIF for IM Examples
Note some image producing scripts are not provided here, as they are very specific to the examples section in which they are used. These include...

Created: 10 November 2005
Updated: 15 June 2010 Author: Anthony Thyssen, <>