MagickCore  7.0.10
timer.h File Reference
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Data Structures

struct  _Timer
struct  _TimerInfo


typedef struct _Timer Timer
typedef struct _TimerInfo TimerInfo


enum  TimerState { UndefinedTimerState, StoppedTimerState, RunningTimerState }


MagickExport double GetElapsedTime (TimerInfo *)
MagickExport double GetUserTime (TimerInfo *)
MagickExport MagickBooleanType ContinueTimer (TimerInfo *)
MagickExport ssize_t FormatMagickTime (const time_t, const size_t, char *)
MagickExport TimerInfoAcquireTimerInfo (void)
MagickExport TimerInfoDestroyTimerInfo (TimerInfo *)
MagickExport void GetTimerInfo (TimerInfo *)
MagickExport void ResetTimer (TimerInfo *)
MagickExport void StartTimer (TimerInfo *, const MagickBooleanType)

Typedef Documentation

typedef struct _Timer Timer
typedef struct _TimerInfo TimerInfo

Enumeration Type Documentation

enum TimerState

Definition at line 25 of file timer.h.

Function Documentation

MagickExport TimerInfo* AcquireTimerInfo ( void  )
MagickExport TimerInfo * DestroyTimerInfo ( TimerInfo )

Definition at line 163 of file timer.c.

References MagickCoreSignature, RelinquishMagickMemory(), and _TimerInfo::signature.

MagickExport ssize_t FormatMagickTime ( const time_t  ,
const size_t  ,
char *   

Definition at line 255 of file timer.c.

References FormatLocaleString(), and GetMagickUTCtime().

Referenced by ReadImage(), and TranslateEvent().

MagickExport double GetElapsedTime ( TimerInfo )
MagickExport void GetTimerInfo ( TimerInfo )
MagickExport void ResetTimer ( TimerInfo )