MagickWand  7.0.3
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1 /*
2  Copyright 1999-2019 ImageMagick Studio LLC, a non-profit organization
3  dedicated to making software imaging solutions freely available.
5  You may not use this file except in compliance with the License. You may
6  obtain a copy of the License at
10  Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
11  distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
12  WITHOUT WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied.
13  See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
14  limitations under the License.
16  MagickWand drawing wand methods.
17 */
21 #include "MagickWand/pixel-wand.h"
23 #if defined(__cplusplus) || defined(c_plusplus)
24 extern "C" {
25 #endif
27 typedef struct _DrawingWand
30 extern WandExport AlignType
33 extern WandExport char
34  *DrawGetClipPath(const DrawingWand *),
35  *DrawGetDensity(const DrawingWand *),
36  *DrawGetException(const DrawingWand *,ExceptionType *),
37  *DrawGetFont(const DrawingWand *),
42 extern WandExport ClipPathUnits
43  DrawGetClipUnits(const DrawingWand *) magick_attribute((__pure__));
45 extern WandExport DecorationType
48 extern WandExport DirectionType
51 extern WandExport double
52  DrawGetFillOpacity(const DrawingWand *) magick_attribute((__pure__)),
53  DrawGetFontSize(const DrawingWand *) magick_attribute((__pure__)),
54  DrawGetOpacity(const DrawingWand *) magick_attribute((__pure__)),
55  *DrawGetStrokeDashArray(const DrawingWand *,size_t *),
56  DrawGetStrokeDashOffset(const DrawingWand *) magick_attribute((__pure__)),
57  DrawGetStrokeOpacity(const DrawingWand *) magick_attribute((__pure__)),
58  DrawGetStrokeWidth(const DrawingWand *) magick_attribute((__pure__)),
59  DrawGetTextKerning(DrawingWand *) magick_attribute((__pure__)),
60  DrawGetTextInterlineSpacing(DrawingWand *) magick_attribute((__pure__)),
61  DrawGetTextInterwordSpacing(DrawingWand *) magick_attribute((__pure__));
63 extern WandExport DrawInfo
64  *PeekDrawingWand(const DrawingWand *);
66 extern WandExport DrawingWand
67  *AcquireDrawingWand(const DrawInfo *,Image *),
68  *CloneDrawingWand(const DrawingWand *),
69  *DestroyDrawingWand(DrawingWand *),
70  *NewDrawingWand(void);
72 extern WandExport ExceptionInfo
73  *DrawCloneExceptionInfo(const DrawingWand *wand);
75 extern WandExport ExceptionType
76  DrawGetExceptionType(const DrawingWand *);
78 extern WandExport FillRule
79  DrawGetClipRule(const DrawingWand *) magick_attribute((__pure__)),
80  DrawGetFillRule(const DrawingWand *) magick_attribute((__pure__));
82 extern WandExport GravityType
83  DrawGetGravity(const DrawingWand *) magick_attribute((__pure__));
85 extern WandExport LineCap
86  DrawGetStrokeLineCap(const DrawingWand *) magick_attribute((__pure__));
88 extern WandExport LineJoin
89  DrawGetStrokeLineJoin(const DrawingWand *) magick_attribute((__pure__));
91 extern WandExport MagickBooleanType
92  DrawClearException(DrawingWand *),
93  DrawComposite(DrawingWand *,const CompositeOperator,const double,
94  const double,const double,const double,MagickWand *),
95  DrawGetFontResolution(const DrawingWand *,double *,double *),
96  DrawGetStrokeAntialias(const DrawingWand *) magick_attribute((__pure__)),
97  DrawGetTextAntialias(const DrawingWand *) magick_attribute((__pure__)),
98  DrawGetTypeMetrics(const DrawingWand *,const char *,MagickBooleanType,
99  TypeMetric *),
100  DrawPopPattern(DrawingWand *),
101  DrawPushPattern(DrawingWand *,const char *,const double,const double,
102  const double,const double),
103  DrawRender(DrawingWand *),
104  DrawSetClipPath(DrawingWand *,const char *),
105  DrawSetDensity(DrawingWand *,const char *),
106  DrawSetFillPatternURL(DrawingWand *,const char *),
107  DrawSetFont(DrawingWand *,const char *),
108  DrawSetFontFamily(DrawingWand *,const char *),
109  DrawSetFontResolution(DrawingWand *,const double,const double),
110  DrawSetStrokeDashArray(DrawingWand *,const size_t,const double *),
111  DrawSetStrokePatternURL(DrawingWand *,const char *),
112  DrawSetVectorGraphics(DrawingWand *,const char *),
113  IsDrawingWand(const DrawingWand *),
114  PopDrawingWand(DrawingWand *),
115  PushDrawingWand(DrawingWand *);
117 extern WandExport StretchType
118  DrawGetFontStretch(const DrawingWand *);
120 extern WandExport StyleType
121  DrawGetFontStyle(const DrawingWand *);
123 extern WandExport size_t
124  DrawGetFontWeight(const DrawingWand *) magick_attribute((__pure__)),
125  DrawGetStrokeMiterLimit(const DrawingWand *) magick_attribute((__pure__));
127 extern WandExport void
128  ClearDrawingWand(DrawingWand *),
129  DrawAffine(DrawingWand *,const AffineMatrix *),
130  DrawAlpha(DrawingWand *,const double,const double,const PaintMethod),
131  DrawAnnotation(DrawingWand *,const double,const double,const unsigned char *),
132  DrawArc(DrawingWand *,const double,const double,const double,const double,
133  const double,const double),
134  DrawBezier(DrawingWand *,const size_t,const PointInfo *),
135  DrawGetBorderColor(const DrawingWand *,PixelWand *),
136  DrawCircle(DrawingWand *,const double,const double,const double,const double),
137  DrawColor(DrawingWand *,const double,const double,const PaintMethod),
138  DrawComment(DrawingWand *,const char *),
139  DrawEllipse(DrawingWand *,const double,const double,const double,const double,
140  const double,const double),
141  DrawGetFillColor(const DrawingWand *,PixelWand *),
142  DrawGetStrokeColor(const DrawingWand *,PixelWand *),
143  DrawSetTextKerning(DrawingWand *,const double),
144  DrawSetTextInterlineSpacing(DrawingWand *,const double),
145  DrawSetTextInterwordSpacing(DrawingWand *,const double),
146  DrawGetTextUnderColor(const DrawingWand *,PixelWand *),
147  DrawLine(DrawingWand *,const double, const double,const double,const double),
148  DrawPathClose(DrawingWand *),
149  DrawPathCurveToAbsolute(DrawingWand *,const double,const double,const double,
150  const double,const double,const double),
151  DrawPathCurveToRelative(DrawingWand *,const double,const double,const double,
152  const double,const double, const double),
153  DrawPathCurveToQuadraticBezierAbsolute(DrawingWand *,const double,
154  const double,const double,const double),
155  DrawPathCurveToQuadraticBezierRelative(DrawingWand *,const double,
156  const double,const double,const double),
157  DrawPathCurveToQuadraticBezierSmoothAbsolute(DrawingWand *,const double,
158  const double),
159  DrawPathCurveToQuadraticBezierSmoothRelative(DrawingWand *,const double,
160  const double),
161  DrawPathCurveToSmoothAbsolute(DrawingWand *,const double,const double,
162  const double,const double),
163  DrawPathCurveToSmoothRelative(DrawingWand *,const double,const double,
164  const double,const double),
165  DrawPathEllipticArcAbsolute(DrawingWand *,const double,const double,
166  const double,const MagickBooleanType,const MagickBooleanType,const double,
167  const double),
168  DrawPathEllipticArcRelative(DrawingWand *,const double,const double,
169  const double,const MagickBooleanType,const MagickBooleanType,const double,
170  const double),
171  DrawPathFinish(DrawingWand *),
172  DrawPathLineToAbsolute(DrawingWand *,const double,const double),
173  DrawPathLineToRelative(DrawingWand *,const double,const double),
174  DrawPathLineToHorizontalAbsolute(DrawingWand *,const double),
175  DrawPathLineToHorizontalRelative(DrawingWand *,const double),
176  DrawPathLineToVerticalAbsolute(DrawingWand *,const double),
177  DrawPathLineToVerticalRelative(DrawingWand *,const double),
178  DrawPathMoveToAbsolute(DrawingWand *,const double,const double),
179  DrawPathMoveToRelative(DrawingWand *,const double,const double),
180  DrawPathStart(DrawingWand *),
181  DrawPoint(DrawingWand *,const double,const double),
182  DrawPolygon(DrawingWand *,const size_t,const PointInfo *),
183  DrawPolyline(DrawingWand *,const size_t,const PointInfo *),
184  DrawPopClipPath(DrawingWand *),
185  DrawPopDefs(DrawingWand *),
186  DrawPushClipPath(DrawingWand *,const char *),
187  DrawPushDefs(DrawingWand *),
188  DrawRectangle(DrawingWand *,const double,const double,const double,
189  const double),
190  DrawResetVectorGraphics(DrawingWand *),
191  DrawRotate(DrawingWand *,const double),
192  DrawRoundRectangle(DrawingWand *,double,double,double,double,double,double),
193  DrawScale(DrawingWand *,const double,const double),
194  DrawSetBorderColor(DrawingWand *,const PixelWand *),
195  DrawSetClipRule(DrawingWand *,const FillRule),
196  DrawSetClipUnits(DrawingWand *,const ClipPathUnits),
197  DrawSetFillColor(DrawingWand *,const PixelWand *),
198  DrawSetFillOpacity(DrawingWand *,const double),
199  DrawSetFillRule(DrawingWand *,const FillRule),
200  DrawSetFontSize(DrawingWand *,const double),
201  DrawSetFontStretch(DrawingWand *,const StretchType),
202  DrawSetFontStyle(DrawingWand *,const StyleType),
203  DrawSetFontWeight(DrawingWand *,const size_t),
204  DrawSetGravity(DrawingWand *,const GravityType),
205  DrawSetOpacity(DrawingWand *,const double),
206  DrawSetStrokeAntialias(DrawingWand *,const MagickBooleanType),
207  DrawSetStrokeColor(DrawingWand *,const PixelWand *),
208  DrawSetStrokeDashOffset(DrawingWand *,const double dashoffset),
209  DrawSetStrokeLineCap(DrawingWand *,const LineCap),
210  DrawSetStrokeLineJoin(DrawingWand *,const LineJoin),
211  DrawSetStrokeMiterLimit(DrawingWand *,const size_t),
212  DrawSetStrokeOpacity(DrawingWand *, const double),
213  DrawSetStrokeWidth(DrawingWand *,const double),
214  DrawSetTextAlignment(DrawingWand *,const AlignType),
215  DrawSetTextAntialias(DrawingWand *,const MagickBooleanType),
216  DrawSetTextDecoration(DrawingWand *,const DecorationType),
217  DrawSetTextDirection(DrawingWand *,const DirectionType),
218  DrawSetTextEncoding(DrawingWand *,const char *),
219  DrawSetTextUnderColor(DrawingWand *,const PixelWand *),
220  DrawSetViewbox(DrawingWand *,const double,const double,const double,
221  const double),
222  DrawSkewX(DrawingWand *,const double),
223  DrawSkewY(DrawingWand *,const double),
224  DrawTranslate(DrawingWand *,const double,const double);
226 #if defined(__cplusplus) || defined(c_plusplus)
227 }
228 #endif
230 #endif
WandExport double DrawGetTextInterlineSpacing(DrawingWand *wand)
WandExport void DrawSetTextInterwordSpacing(DrawingWand *wand, const double interword_spacing)
WandExport char * DrawGetException(const DrawingWand *wand, ExceptionType *severity)
WandExport char * DrawGetClipPath(const DrawingWand *wand)
WandExport void DrawPathCurveToAbsolute(DrawingWand *wand, const double x1, const double y1, const double x2, const double y2, const double x, const double y)
WandExport void DrawSetStrokeWidth(DrawingWand *wand, const double stroke_width)
WandExport double DrawGetOpacity(const DrawingWand *wand)
WandExport MagickBooleanType DrawSetFontFamily(DrawingWand *wand, const char *font_family)
WandExport MagickBooleanType PopDrawingWand(DrawingWand *wand)
WandExport void DrawSetTextAntialias(DrawingWand *wand, const MagickBooleanType text_antialias)
WandExport void DrawPathCurveToQuadraticBezierAbsolute(DrawingWand *wand, const double x1, const double y1, const double x, const double y)
WandExport void DrawColor(DrawingWand *wand, const double x, const double y, const PaintMethod paint_method)
Definition: drawing-wand.c:946
WandExport void DrawPathClose(DrawingWand *wand)
WandExport void DrawTranslate(DrawingWand *wand, const double x, const double y)
WandExport void DrawSetBorderColor(DrawingWand *wand, const PixelWand *border_wand)
WandExport void DrawRectangle(DrawingWand *wand, const double x1, const double y1, const double x2, const double y2)
WandExport LineJoin DrawGetStrokeLineJoin(const DrawingWand *wand)
WandExport void DrawPathEllipticArcAbsolute(DrawingWand *wand, const double rx, const double ry, const double x_axis_rotation, const MagickBooleanType large_arc_flag, const MagickBooleanType sweep_flag, const double x, const double y)
WandExport MagickBooleanType DrawGetStrokeAntialias(const DrawingWand *wand)
WandExport size_t DrawGetStrokeMiterLimit(const DrawingWand *wand)
WandExport GravityType DrawGetGravity(const DrawingWand *wand)
WandExport DrawingWand * CloneDrawingWand(const DrawingWand *wand)
Definition: drawing-wand.c:485
WandExport void DrawSkewX(DrawingWand *wand, const double degrees)
WandExport void DrawSetFillOpacity(DrawingWand *wand, const double fill_opacity)
WandExport void DrawPolygon(DrawingWand *wand, const size_t number_coordinates, const PointInfo *coordinates)
WandExport MagickBooleanType DrawSetStrokeDashArray(DrawingWand *wand, const size_t number_elements, const double *dasharray)
WandExport void DrawPathCurveToSmoothAbsolute(DrawingWand *wand, const double x2, const double y2, const double x, const double y)
WandExport void DrawSetFontWeight(DrawingWand *wand, const size_t font_weight)
WandExport void DrawSetClipUnits(DrawingWand *wand, const ClipPathUnits clip_units)
WandExport void DrawSetTextInterlineSpacing(DrawingWand *wand, const double interline_spacing)
WandExport void DrawPathCurveToRelative(DrawingWand *wand, const double x1, const double y1, const double x2, const double y2, const double x, const double y)
WandExport MagickBooleanType DrawRender(DrawingWand *wand)
WandExport MagickBooleanType DrawClearException(DrawingWand *wand)
Definition: drawing-wand.c:869
WandExport void DrawSetTextUnderColor(DrawingWand *wand, const PixelWand *under_wand)
#define WandExport
WandExport StyleType DrawGetFontStyle(const DrawingWand *wand)
WandExport void DrawPathFinish(DrawingWand *wand)
WandExport void DrawResetVectorGraphics(DrawingWand *wand)
WandExport char * DrawGetFontFamily(const DrawingWand *wand)
WandExport void DrawSkewY(DrawingWand *wand, const double degrees)
WandExport void DrawSetStrokeLineJoin(DrawingWand *wand, const LineJoin linejoin)
WandExport void DrawGetStrokeColor(const DrawingWand *wand, PixelWand *stroke_color)
WandExport void DrawPathLineToHorizontalRelative(DrawingWand *wand, const double x)
WandExport void DrawAlpha(DrawingWand *wand, const double x, const double y, const PaintMethod paint_method)
Definition: drawing-wand.c:662
WandExport void DrawScale(DrawingWand *wand, const double x, const double y)
WandExport void DrawPopDefs(DrawingWand *wand)
WandExport DirectionType DrawGetTextDirection(const DrawingWand *wand)
WandExport MagickBooleanType DrawGetTextAntialias(const DrawingWand *wand)
WandExport void DrawPathMoveToAbsolute(DrawingWand *wand, const double x, const double y)
WandExport void DrawSetClipRule(DrawingWand *wand, const FillRule fill_rule)
WandExport AlignType DrawGetTextAlignment(const DrawingWand *wand)
WandExport MagickBooleanType DrawSetFillPatternURL(DrawingWand *wand, const char *fill_url)
WandExport void DrawSetStrokeLineCap(DrawingWand *wand, const LineCap linecap)
WandExport void magick_attribute((__format__(__printf__, 2, 0)))
WandExport ExceptionType DrawGetExceptionType(const DrawingWand *wand)
WandExport double DrawGetTextInterwordSpacing(DrawingWand *wand)
WandExport void DrawLine(DrawingWand *wand, const double sx, const double sy, const double ex, const double ey)
WandExport size_t DrawGetFontWeight(const DrawingWand *wand)
WandExport double * DrawGetStrokeDashArray(const DrawingWand *wand, size_t *number_elements)
WandExport DrawingWand * DestroyDrawingWand(DrawingWand *wand)
Definition: drawing-wand.c:563
WandExport char * DrawGetTextEncoding(const DrawingWand *wand)
WandExport void DrawSetTextEncoding(DrawingWand *wand, const char *encoding)
WandExport DrawInfo * PeekDrawingWand(const DrawingWand *wand)
WandExport MagickBooleanType DrawSetFont(DrawingWand *wand, const char *font_name)
WandExport LineCap DrawGetStrokeLineCap(const DrawingWand *wand)
WandExport double DrawGetTextKerning(DrawingWand *wand)
WandExport void DrawPathCurveToQuadraticBezierRelative(DrawingWand *wand, const double x1, const double y1, const double x, const double y)
WandExport MagickBooleanType DrawSetDensity(DrawingWand *wand, const char *density)
WandExport MagickBooleanType DrawComposite(DrawingWand *wand, const CompositeOperator compose, const double x, const double y, const double width, const double height, MagickWand *magick_wand)
Definition: drawing-wand.c:998
WandExport void DrawPathLineToVerticalRelative(DrawingWand *wand, const double y)
WandExport void DrawPathCurveToQuadraticBezierSmoothRelative(DrawingWand *wand, const double x, const double y)
WandExport void DrawPathEllipticArcRelative(DrawingWand *wand, const double rx, const double ry, const double x_axis_rotation, const MagickBooleanType large_arc_flag, const MagickBooleanType sweep_flag, const double x, const double y)
WandExport MagickBooleanType DrawPushPattern(DrawingWand *wand, const char *pattern_id, const double x, const double y, const double width, const double height)
WandExport void DrawSetTextDirection(DrawingWand *wand, const DirectionType direction)
WandExport void DrawEllipse(DrawingWand *wand, const double ox, const double oy, const double rx, const double ry, const double start, const double end)
WandExport MagickBooleanType DrawSetVectorGraphics(DrawingWand *wand, const char *xml)
WandExport char * DrawGetDensity(const DrawingWand *wand)
WandExport void DrawPathStart(DrawingWand *wand)
WandExport char * DrawGetVectorGraphics(DrawingWand *wand)
WandExport double DrawGetStrokeWidth(const DrawingWand *wand)
WandExport MagickBooleanType DrawGetTypeMetrics(const DrawingWand *wand, const char *text, MagickBooleanType ignore_newlines, TypeMetric *metrics)
WandExport void DrawPathLineToVerticalAbsolute(DrawingWand *wand, const double y)
WandExport FillRule DrawGetFillRule(const DrawingWand *wand)
WandExport ExceptionInfo * DrawCloneExceptionInfo(const DrawingWand *wand)
Definition: drawing-wand.c:901
WandExport void DrawGetTextUnderColor(const DrawingWand *wand, PixelWand *under_color)
WandExport void DrawPathCurveToQuadraticBezierSmoothAbsolute(DrawingWand *wand, const double x, const double y)
WandExport void DrawPathLineToRelative(DrawingWand *wand, const double x, const double y)
WandExport void DrawSetStrokeColor(DrawingWand *wand, const PixelWand *stroke_wand)
WandExport void DrawBezier(DrawingWand *wand, const size_t number_coordinates, const PointInfo *coordinates)
Definition: drawing-wand.c:795
WandExport DrawingWand * AcquireDrawingWand(const DrawInfo *draw_info, Image *image)
Definition: drawing-wand.c:372
WandExport void DrawSetGravity(DrawingWand *wand, const GravityType gravity)
WandExport DecorationType DrawGetTextDecoration(const DrawingWand *wand)
WandExport MagickBooleanType DrawPopPattern(DrawingWand *wand)
WandExport void DrawPushDefs(DrawingWand *wand)
WandExport double DrawGetStrokeOpacity(const DrawingWand *wand)
WandExport void DrawRoundRectangle(DrawingWand *wand, double x1, double y1, double x2, double y2, double rx, double ry)
WandExport MagickBooleanType DrawSetClipPath(DrawingWand *wand, const char *clip_mask)
WandExport void DrawAffine(DrawingWand *wand, const AffineMatrix *affine)
Definition: drawing-wand.c:613
WandExport void DrawSetStrokeOpacity(DrawingWand *wand, const double opacity)
WandExport MagickBooleanType DrawSetFontResolution(DrawingWand *wand, const double x_resolution, const double y_resolution)
WandExport void DrawGetBorderColor(const DrawingWand *wand, PixelWand *border_color)
WandExport void DrawCircle(DrawingWand *wand, const double ox, const double oy, const double px, const double py)
Definition: drawing-wand.c:837
WandExport void DrawRotate(DrawingWand *wand, const double degrees)
WandExport char * DrawGetFont(const DrawingWand *wand)
WandExport void DrawSetStrokeMiterLimit(DrawingWand *wand, const size_t miterlimit)
WandExport MagickBooleanType DrawGetFontResolution(const DrawingWand *wand, double *x, double *y)
WandExport MagickBooleanType PushDrawingWand(DrawingWand *wand)
WandExport void DrawSetFontStretch(DrawingWand *wand, const StretchType font_stretch)
WandExport double DrawGetFillOpacity(const DrawingWand *wand)
WandExport MagickBooleanType DrawSetStrokePatternURL(DrawingWand *wand, const char *stroke_url)
WandExport void DrawSetOpacity(DrawingWand *wand, const double opacity)
WandExport void DrawPathMoveToRelative(DrawingWand *wand, const double x, const double y)
WandExport void DrawPushClipPath(DrawingWand *wand, const char *clip_mask_id)
WandExport DrawingWand * NewDrawingWand(void)
WandExport ClipPathUnits DrawGetClipUnits(const DrawingWand *wand)
WandExport double DrawGetFontSize(const DrawingWand *wand)
WandExport void DrawComment(DrawingWand *wand, const char *comment)
WandExport void DrawAnnotation(DrawingWand *wand, const double x, const double y, const unsigned char *text)
Definition: drawing-wand.c:702
WandExport void DrawSetFillRule(DrawingWand *wand, const FillRule fill_rule)
WandExport void DrawPopClipPath(DrawingWand *wand)
WandExport void DrawSetStrokeDashOffset(DrawingWand *wand, const double dash_offset)
WandExport void ClearDrawingWand(DrawingWand *wand)
Definition: drawing-wand.c:415
WandExport void DrawSetTextAlignment(DrawingWand *wand, const AlignType alignment)
WandExport StretchType DrawGetFontStretch(const DrawingWand *wand)
WandExport void DrawSetFontSize(DrawingWand *wand, const double pointsize)
WandExport void DrawGetFillColor(const DrawingWand *wand, PixelWand *fill_color)
WandExport double DrawGetStrokeDashOffset(const DrawingWand *wand)
WandExport void DrawSetTextDecoration(DrawingWand *wand, const DecorationType decoration)
WandExport void DrawSetFillColor(DrawingWand *wand, const PixelWand *fill_wand)
WandExport FillRule DrawGetClipRule(const DrawingWand *wand)
WandExport MagickBooleanType IsDrawingWand(const DrawingWand *wand)
WandExport void DrawPathLineToAbsolute(DrawingWand *wand, const double x, const double y)
WandExport void DrawPolyline(DrawingWand *wand, const size_t number_coordinates, const PointInfo *coordinates)
WandExport void DrawSetTextKerning(DrawingWand *wand, const double kerning)
WandExport void DrawSetFontStyle(DrawingWand *wand, const StyleType style)
WandExport void DrawArc(DrawingWand *wand, const double sx, const double sy, const double ex, const double ey, const double sd, const double ed)
Definition: drawing-wand.c:757
WandExport void DrawSetViewbox(DrawingWand *wand, const double x1, const double y1, const double x2, const double y2)
WandExport void DrawPathCurveToSmoothRelative(DrawingWand *wand, const double x2, const double y2, const double x, const double y)
WandExport void DrawSetStrokeAntialias(DrawingWand *wand, const MagickBooleanType stroke_antialias)
WandExport void DrawPathLineToHorizontalAbsolute(DrawingWand *wand, const double x)
WandExport void DrawPoint(DrawingWand *wand, const double x, const double y)