MagickWand  7.0.3
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1 /*
2  Copyright 1999-2019 ImageMagick Studio LLC, a non-profit organization
3  dedicated to making software imaging solutions freely available.
5  You may not use this file except in compliance with the License. You may
6  obtain a copy of the License at
10  Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
11  distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
12  WITHOUT WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied.
13  See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
14  limitations under the License.
16  MagickWand pixel wand methods.
17 */
21 #if defined(__cplusplus) || defined(c_plusplus)
22 extern "C" {
23 #endif
25 typedef struct _PixelWand
26  PixelWand;
28 extern WandExport char
31  *PixelGetException(const PixelWand *,ExceptionType *);
33 extern WandExport double
34  PixelGetAlpha(const PixelWand *) magick_attribute((__pure__)),
35  PixelGetBlack(const PixelWand *) magick_attribute((__pure__)),
36  PixelGetBlue(const PixelWand *) magick_attribute((__pure__)),
37  PixelGetCyan(const PixelWand *) magick_attribute((__pure__)),
38  PixelGetFuzz(const PixelWand *) magick_attribute((__pure__)),
39  PixelGetGreen(const PixelWand *) magick_attribute((__pure__)),
40  PixelGetMagenta(const PixelWand *) magick_attribute((__pure__)),
41  PixelGetAlpha(const PixelWand *) magick_attribute((__pure__)),
42  PixelGetRed(const PixelWand *) magick_attribute((__pure__)),
43  PixelGetYellow(const PixelWand *) magick_attribute((__pure__));
45 extern WandExport ExceptionType
48 extern WandExport MagickBooleanType
49  IsPixelWand(const PixelWand *),
50  IsPixelWandSimilar(PixelWand *,PixelWand *,const double),
51  PixelClearException(PixelWand *),
52  PixelSetColor(PixelWand *,const char *);
54 extern WandExport PixelInfo
55  PixelGetPixel(const PixelWand *);
57 extern WandExport PixelWand
58  *ClonePixelWand(const PixelWand *),
59  **ClonePixelWands(const PixelWand **,const size_t),
60  *DestroyPixelWand(PixelWand *),
61  **DestroyPixelWands(PixelWand **,const size_t),
62  *NewPixelWand(void),
63  **NewPixelWands(const size_t);
65 extern WandExport Quantum
66  PixelGetAlphaQuantum(const PixelWand *) magick_attribute((__pure__)),
67  PixelGetBlackQuantum(const PixelWand *) magick_attribute((__pure__)),
68  PixelGetBlueQuantum(const PixelWand *) magick_attribute((__pure__)),
69  PixelGetCyanQuantum(const PixelWand *) magick_attribute((__pure__)),
70  PixelGetGreenQuantum(const PixelWand *) magick_attribute((__pure__)),
71  PixelGetIndex(const PixelWand *) magick_attribute((__pure__)),
72  PixelGetMagentaQuantum(const PixelWand *) magick_attribute((__pure__)),
73  PixelGetAlphaQuantum(const PixelWand *) magick_attribute((__pure__)),
74  PixelGetRedQuantum(const PixelWand *) magick_attribute((__pure__)),
75  PixelGetYellowQuantum(const PixelWand *) magick_attribute((__pure__));
77 extern WandExport size_t
78  PixelGetColorCount(const PixelWand *) magick_attribute((__pure__));
80 extern WandExport void
81  ClearPixelWand(PixelWand *),
82  PixelGetHSL(const PixelWand *,double *,double *,double *),
83  PixelGetMagickColor(const PixelWand *,PixelInfo *),
84  PixelGetQuantumPacket(const PixelWand *,PixelInfo *),
85  PixelGetQuantumPixel(const Image *,const PixelWand *,Quantum *),
86  PixelSetAlpha(PixelWand *,const double),
87  PixelSetAlphaQuantum(PixelWand *,const Quantum),
88  PixelSetBlack(PixelWand *,const double),
89  PixelSetBlackQuantum(PixelWand *,const Quantum),
90  PixelSetBlue(PixelWand *,const double),
91  PixelSetBlueQuantum(PixelWand *,const Quantum),
92  PixelSetColorFromWand(PixelWand *,const PixelWand *),
93  PixelSetColorCount(PixelWand *,const size_t),
94  PixelSetCyan(PixelWand *,const double),
95  PixelSetCyanQuantum(PixelWand *,const Quantum),
96  PixelSetFuzz(PixelWand *,const double),
97  PixelSetGreen(PixelWand *,const double),
98  PixelSetGreenQuantum(PixelWand *,const Quantum),
99  PixelSetHSL(PixelWand *,const double,const double,const double),
100  PixelSetIndex(PixelWand *,const Quantum),
101  PixelSetMagenta(PixelWand *,const double),
102  PixelSetMagentaQuantum(PixelWand *,const Quantum),
103  PixelSetPixelColor(PixelWand *,const PixelInfo *),
104  PixelSetAlpha(PixelWand *,const double),
105  PixelSetAlphaQuantum(PixelWand *,const Quantum),
106  PixelSetPixelColor(PixelWand *,const PixelInfo *),
107  PixelSetQuantumPixel(const Image *,const Quantum *,PixelWand *),
108  PixelSetRed(PixelWand *,const double),
109  PixelSetRedQuantum(PixelWand *,const Quantum),
110  PixelSetYellow(PixelWand *,const double),
111  PixelSetYellowQuantum(PixelWand *,const Quantum);
113 #if defined(__cplusplus) || defined(c_plusplus)
114 }
115 #endif
117 #endif
WandExport Quantum PixelGetGreenQuantum(const PixelWand *wand)
Definition: pixel-wand.c:1028
WandExport PixelWand * NewPixelWand(void)
Definition: pixel-wand.c:388
WandExport void PixelSetGreen(PixelWand *wand, const double green)
Definition: pixel-wand.c:1898
WandExport PixelWand ** ClonePixelWands(const PixelWand **wands, const size_t number_wands)
Definition: pixel-wand.c:195
WandExport void PixelSetMagentaQuantum(PixelWand *wand, const Quantum magenta)
Definition: pixel-wand.c:2075
WandExport void PixelSetCyan(PixelWand *wand, const double cyan)
Definition: pixel-wand.c:1799
WandExport Quantum PixelGetBlueQuantum(const PixelWand *wand)
Definition: pixel-wand.c:669
WandExport void PixelSetAlphaQuantum(PixelWand *wand, const Quantum alpha)
Definition: pixel-wand.c:1524
WandExport void PixelSetColorCount(PixelWand *wand, const size_t count)
Definition: pixel-wand.c:1732
WandExport void PixelSetYellowQuantum(PixelWand *wand, const Quantum yellow)
Definition: pixel-wand.c:2283
WandExport void PixelSetBlueQuantum(PixelWand *wand, const Quantum blue)
Definition: pixel-wand.c:1656
WandExport void PixelSetHSL(PixelWand *wand, const double hue, const double saturation, const double lightness)
Definition: pixel-wand.c:1966
#define WandExport
WandExport double PixelGetMagenta(const PixelWand *wand)
Definition: pixel-wand.c:1128
WandExport double PixelGetGreen(const PixelWand *wand)
Definition: pixel-wand.c:997
WandExport void PixelSetQuantumPixel(const Image *image, const Quantum *pixel, PixelWand *wand)
Definition: pixel-wand.c:2143
WandExport void PixelSetBlack(PixelWand *wand, const double black)
Definition: pixel-wand.c:1557
WandExport void PixelSetRedQuantum(PixelWand *wand, const Quantum red)
Definition: pixel-wand.c:2217
WandExport void PixelSetYellow(PixelWand *wand, const double yellow)
Definition: pixel-wand.c:2250
WandExport double PixelGetAlpha(const PixelWand *wand)
Definition: pixel-wand.c:514
WandExport void magick_attribute((__format__(__printf__, 2, 0)))
WandExport void PixelGetQuantumPacket(const PixelWand *wand, PixelInfo *packet)
Definition: pixel-wand.c:1258
WandExport void PixelSetPixelColor(PixelWand *wand, const PixelInfo *color)
Definition: pixel-wand.c:2108
WandExport MagickBooleanType IsPixelWand(const PixelWand *wand)
Definition: pixel-wand.c:359
WandExport PixelInfo PixelGetPixel(const PixelWand *wand)
Definition: pixel-wand.c:1225
WandExport void PixelGetHSL(const PixelWand *wand, double *hue, double *saturation, double *lightness)
Definition: pixel-wand.c:1063
WandExport PixelWand ** NewPixelWands(const size_t number_wands)
Definition: pixel-wand.c:442
WandExport void PixelSetBlue(PixelWand *wand, const double blue)
Definition: pixel-wand.c:1623
WandExport void PixelSetColorFromWand(PixelWand *wand, const PixelWand *color)
Definition: pixel-wand.c:1765
WandExport double PixelGetFuzz(const PixelWand *wand)
Definition: pixel-wand.c:966
WandExport double PixelGetCyan(const PixelWand *wand)
Definition: pixel-wand.c:815
WandExport void PixelSetCyanQuantum(PixelWand *wand, const Quantum cyan)
Definition: pixel-wand.c:1832
WandExport void PixelGetMagickColor(const PixelWand *wand, PixelInfo *color)
Definition: pixel-wand.c:1192
WandExport MagickBooleanType IsPixelWandSimilar(PixelWand *p, PixelWand *q, const double fuzz)
Definition: pixel-wand.c:321
WandExport void PixelSetAlpha(PixelWand *wand, const double alpha)
Definition: pixel-wand.c:1491
WandExport void PixelSetBlackQuantum(PixelWand *wand, const Quantum black)
Definition: pixel-wand.c:1590
WandExport double PixelGetBlack(const PixelWand *wand)
Definition: pixel-wand.c:576
WandExport Quantum PixelGetBlackQuantum(const PixelWand *wand)
Definition: pixel-wand.c:607
WandExport Quantum PixelGetYellowQuantum(const PixelWand *wand)
Definition: pixel-wand.c:1457
WandExport PixelWand ** DestroyPixelWands(PixelWand **wand, const size_t number_wands)
Definition: pixel-wand.c:275
WandExport void ClearPixelWand(PixelWand *wand)
Definition: pixel-wand.c:109
WandExport void PixelSetMagenta(PixelWand *wand, const double magenta)
Definition: pixel-wand.c:2041
WandExport size_t PixelGetColorCount(const PixelWand *wand)
Definition: pixel-wand.c:784
WandExport void PixelSetRed(PixelWand *wand, const double red)
Definition: pixel-wand.c:2184
WandExport void PixelSetFuzz(PixelWand *wand, const double fuzz)
Definition: pixel-wand.c:1865
WandExport PixelWand * DestroyPixelWand(PixelWand *wand)
Definition: pixel-wand.c:236
WandExport MagickBooleanType PixelClearException(PixelWand *wand)
Definition: pixel-wand.c:482
WandExport Quantum PixelGetIndex(const PixelWand *wand)
Definition: pixel-wand.c:1097
WandExport char * PixelGetColorAsString(const PixelWand *wand)
Definition: pixel-wand.c:700
WandExport double PixelGetYellow(const PixelWand *wand)
Definition: pixel-wand.c:1426
WandExport void PixelSetIndex(PixelWand *wand, const Quantum index)
Definition: pixel-wand.c:2008
WandExport MagickBooleanType PixelSetColor(PixelWand *wand, const char *color)
Definition: pixel-wand.c:1690
WandExport PixelWand * ClonePixelWand(const PixelWand *wand)
Definition: pixel-wand.c:142
WandExport void PixelSetGreenQuantum(PixelWand *wand, const Quantum green)
Definition: pixel-wand.c:1931
WandExport Quantum PixelGetRedQuantum(const PixelWand *wand)
Definition: pixel-wand.c:1395
WandExport char * PixelGetColorAsNormalizedString(const PixelWand *wand)
Definition: pixel-wand.c:741
WandExport ExceptionType PixelGetExceptionType(const PixelWand *wand)
Definition: pixel-wand.c:935
WandExport Quantum PixelGetCyanQuantum(const PixelWand *wand)
Definition: pixel-wand.c:846
WandExport double PixelGetRed(const PixelWand *wand)
Definition: pixel-wand.c:1364
WandExport double PixelGetBlue(const PixelWand *wand)
Definition: pixel-wand.c:638
WandExport void PixelGetQuantumPixel(const Image *image, const PixelWand *wand, Quantum *pixel)
Definition: pixel-wand.c:1314
WandExport Quantum PixelGetMagentaQuantum(const PixelWand *wand)
Definition: pixel-wand.c:1159
WandExport Quantum PixelGetAlphaQuantum(const PixelWand *wand)
Definition: pixel-wand.c:545
WandExport char * PixelGetException(const PixelWand *wand, ExceptionType *severity)
Definition: pixel-wand.c:880