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Topic: mailing list
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mailing list

A request: please provide a good-old-fashioned e-mail mailing list.
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Topic: specify background
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specify background

Have tried the command

display -background white filename.eps

but the resultant image remains unchanged (a line graph with a default tiled black-grey background)

How to view with white background?
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Topic: remove 'b' from filesize meta-data
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remove 'b' from filesize meta-data

The 'format' command has the option to output the filesize (%e). How to change the output, removing the suffix 'B'?
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Topic: error 'killed'
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error 'killed'


Have tried to use the 'limit' option to prevent imagemagick failing
due to memory, for example:

montage -background white -limit area 10 mb -resize 100 file.jpg

Any advice to remove the killed occurrence?

by imager
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Topic: mailing lists dead?
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mailing lists dead?

Tried to send a message and received the following reply:

Post your question or comment to the ImageMagick discourse server @

Are mailing lists no longer used?