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by daguerre
Forum: Magick++
Topic: Multithreaded or not?
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Multithreaded or not?

Hi all, I'm not a programmer, just a systems/networks person whom has been asked to determine whether or not our executable is using IM in a multithreaded way. Our linux executable is all in C++ and calls various functions in libMagick++. Our executable itself starts 63 subthreads, which I believe i...
by daguerre
Forum: Bugs
Topic: PythonMagick compile fails on Centos6
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PythonMagick compile fails on Centos6

So I'm trying to make PythonMagick-0.9.7 on Centos 6.3, with the distro python 2.6.6 and boost 1.41. The configure completes without error and make chugs away for a while but then fails with: _Image.cpp: In function 'void Export_pyste_src_Image()': _Image.cpp:89: error: address of overloaded functio...