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by Davide
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Topic: Colorspace conversion
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Colorspace conversion

I've found that Magick++ uses linear color spaces by default. How can I convert an RGB Image into R'G'B' ?

I imagine the relation between the color spaces is v' = √(v * max(v)), v ∈ RGB, v' ∈ R'G'B'. But is there a straightforward function ready to do the conversion?
by Davide
Forum: Magick++
Topic: Get color of pixel with Magick++
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Re: Get color of pixel with Magick++

Resuming this old but pertinent thread, I found myself in trouble when trying to extract the integer value of channel's pixels. Here's my code. Cout always prints 65535, whatever image file is processed, whatever coordinates the pixel is picked from. Since the image is grayscale, I'd expect I should...