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Topic: ExceptionInfo and ColorInfo - compilation conflict OS X
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Re: ExceptionInfo and ColorInfo - compilation conflict OS X

These were also both previously defined in Apple headers Which Apple headers? We tried a search on Snow Leopard and could not find any instances of ExceptionInfo other than in ImageMagick source and web pages. One of the advantages of modern languages such as Object C, C++, Java, etc., is to avoid ...
by jheld
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Topic: Using Magick++ with XCode
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Re: Using Magick++ with XCode

I'm sure you've moved on by now, but in your project settings you'll need to extend your header search paths to include where your ImageMagick source lives.
by jheld
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Topic: ExceptionInfo Error OSX 10.7.3
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Re: ExceptionInfo Error OSX 10.7.3

This problem still occurs on 10.8.5, which is expected. The thing is, I don't use the Carbon framework anywhere visibly in my project. How can I make sure it's not used? And to be honest, it shouldn't be used, especially because if I'd be doing any GUI development, it would only be with Cocoa, and I...