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by TheDarkBoz
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Topic: Use only dll/lib
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Use only dll/lib

Hello I create one program which use MagickWand for read and convert the files. On my personnal computer no problem. But when I use a computer without installation ImageMagick, it doesn't work. In first, its ask me ask me some DLL CORE_RL_wand_ ... I add them. The program be launched. But When the c...
by TheDarkBoz
Forum: Developers
Topic: Dont work when ImageMagick is not installed.
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Dont work when ImageMagick is not installed.

Hello I have an issue with this code if(!Exist(GetUrlFileSave()+"\\"+Folder)) CreateDirectory(GetUrlFileSave()+"\\"+Folder,NULL); MagickWand *mw = NULL; MagickWandGenesis(); mw = NewMagickWand(); CString oldname=GetUrlImageFiles()+Folder+"\\"+nanmeFile+"."+extension; CString fileurl=GetUrlImageFiles...