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by Gloria88
Forum: MagickStudio
Topic: Nothing is working
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Nothing is working

I see you changed back to the old format but nothing is working. You can input an image, but when you go to the work it, it goes back asking for an input, HUH????
by Gloria88
Forum: Kudos and Rants
Topic: COMPOSITE -IN-Tile Across and Down hasn't worked
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COMPOSITE -IN-Tile Across and Down hasn't worked a long time.. Plus hate the new format!!!. Also .. OUTPUT resized and sharpened pngs not outputting! What's with that?
The original ImageMagick was the best.
by Gloria88
Forum: MagickStudio
Topic: Inputting images
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Inputting images

Not taking URLS or from browsing. Get this. Exception 445: unable to open pixel cache '/var/www/html/ImageMagick/MagickStudio/workarea/1d926b6e279590f3a8a8413da74437cabd63de3b6e8d1a309ee335825e43f098e2f8067a92a93a6b9ed6795adc463758060fb304cd82b182c9a6baacd80466f5/MagickStudio.dat': No such file or d...
by Gloria88
Forum: MagickStudio
Topic: Composite IN not working
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Composite IN not working

I use this to fill odd pngs with transparent backgrounds, with jpg images and not wotking this morning.
by Gloria88
Forum: MagickStudio
Topic: Images not loading
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Images not loading

Getting this when trying to input an image from my desktop or direct URL Exception 445: unable to open pixel cache `/var/www/html/ImageMagick/MagickStudio/workarea/a75b14964ecfaec829dc653dbb9dfbe3d2076b04d37af6d4ab9872f5bf7da9b04b8456215997ba9a30d9e90f6cb880f4bb2bf611a43381089952b5120861e74d/MagickS...
by Gloria88
Forum: MagickStudio
Topic: Not taking images
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Not taking images

Can't upload any images, not from BROWSE or direct URL