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by healcentral
Forum: IMagick
Topic: set dynamic font size text to img
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set dynamic font size text to img

I want to dynamically set the text font size in the middle of the image, which will scale depending on the size of the image.
I can't use queryFontMetrics, can you help me with queryFontMetrics?

by healcentral
Forum: MagickWand for PHP
Topic: Error convert all .icon to .png file
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Error convert all .icon to .png file

Hi all, My error: I'm using PHP 5.6, hosting linux centos 7 I'm trying to load a myicon all icon in folder and convert it to .png file using the following code snippet: $myicon = file_get_contents("url ../allfileicon/");//all file .icon print_r($myicon); $filemg = NewMagickWand(); MagickReadImageBlo...