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Creating a minochrome 2 bit image

Posted: 2008-05-12T08:37:59-07:00
by troyd1
I am trying to create a monochrome 2 bit image. I am doing the folowing:
convert -size 1875x938 xc:white "c:\temp\graphics\X1931_41390_1.bmp"
convert "c:\temp\graphics\X1931_41390_1.bmp" -fill black -pointsize 67 -font "c:\pcshare\pcgraphics\itweb\fonts\ZAFCHAB.TTF" -size 1162 -gravity center -background #00000000 caption:@c:\temp\graphics\4_T_1.TXT -gravity northwest -geometry +375+112 -composite -fill black -pointsize 60 -font "c:\pcshare\pcgraphics\itweb\fonts\ARIAL.TTF" -size 1162 -gravity center -background #00000000 caption:@c:\temp\graphics\4_T_2.TXT -gravity northwest -geometry +375+206 -composite BMP2:"c:\temp\graphics\1931_41390_1.bmp"

This is giving me an 8 bit graphic. I need a 2 bit graphic. The printer we use requires that. Please help.

Thanks, Troy

Re: Creating a minochrome 2 bit image

Posted: 2008-05-12T10:22:32-07:00
by el_supremo
-type BiLevel
after -composite

Note that the brief output from identify will indicate that it's 8-bit but doing a -verbose will show that the channel depth is 1-bit.


Re: Creating a monochrome 2 bit image

Posted: 2008-05-12T12:53:04-07:00
by troyd1
Thanks, that worked.