Lossless JPEG2000 isn't lossless in IM

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Lossless JPEG2000 isn't lossless in IM

Postby daniel » 2008-05-30T03:59:55-07:00


I'm looking to find a utility to convert files to lossless JPEG2000, and ImageMagic looked like a good solution.

Before I tried anything I came accross this info:


it would appear Jasper/ImageMagick is not using the reversible (integer) wavelet transform.

I have tried some tests myself, converting a TIFF from a Red Camera to JPEG2000, back to TIFF, and then comparing the results in Gimp, and the two images are not identical.

Any ideas? I would love to use ImageMagic, but this is a major stumbling block...

Edited to add that my tests were done with ImageMagick-6.4.1-3-Q16-windows-dll.exe

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Re: Lossless JPEG2000 isn't lossless in IM

Postby magick » 2008-05-30T06:47:23-07:00

We have a patch in ImageMagick 6.4.1-4 Beta (available tomorrow) to produce lossless JP2 compression. Thanks.


Re: Lossless JPEG2000 isn't lossless in IM

Postby daniel » 2008-06-02T05:27:55-07:00

Great stuff, thanks!

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