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different fonts in the same caption

Posted: 2008-09-16T09:30:01-07:00
by troyd1
Is there a way to do 2 different fonts in the same caption? Say I was doing "this is a test of different fonts" and I wanted "this is a" in courier, "test of different" in arial and "fonts" in verdana. Can I do this or do I need to create 3 images and merge them?

Re: different fonts in the same caption

Posted: 2008-09-16T10:17:07-07:00
by fmw42
I will defer to the experts (Anthony and Magick), but I don't think you can do what you want directly. I tried and was unable. So I suspect you will need to make 3 images and merge them.

Re: different fonts in the same caption

Posted: 2008-09-17T22:52:14-07:00
by anthony
all captions and labels in IM are all created using the current font settings. that is one font, size, density etc...

If you want multiple fonts, positions, styles etc. you will have to DIY the label and add it yourself.

Annotate Images in IM Examples gives some examples of appending or overlaying label images. the label can be generated in the same command, or pre-generated in a separate command.

If you want more specific help, then you will need to be more specific as to exactly what you are wanting. (SMALL examples can help too)

Re: different fonts in the same caption

Posted: 2008-09-18T05:48:08-07:00
by troyd1
Here is the complete information of what I need to do:
I need to place text on an image with the following specifications:
first and second line is 7 point futura book with leading set to 11 points and tracking set to 10 points.
3rd line is 8 point trajan bold with 12 point leading.
4th line is 8 point trajan bold with 12 point leading, but word at the end has first letter as 6 point and the rest at 5 point.
5th and 6th lines are in 6 point futura light with leading set to 9 point and tracking set to 5 points.

I found a resonable rtf to image converter. I am testing that now.

Re: different fonts in the same caption

Posted: 2008-09-18T09:16:10-07:00
by troyd1
I have came up with an excellent solution. I found a program call text2image.exe. It will convert an RTF file to many image formats. The website for this is The price was only $9.99. They have a lot of other neat program also.


Re: different fonts in the same caption

Posted: 2008-09-18T18:02:23-07:00
by anthony
There you go. Though for RTF to Image there should be free solutions available too. Most mail programs will need to be able to do things like this any way.

Of course if you are drawing text directly as they show in some of the examples, then IM can do that too, using the -annotate operator. See IM Examples, Text to Image, Annotate

You may also like to look at 'Fonts' for examples of generating interesting font effects from simpler fonts.

It all depend on what your source and skills are.

There are lots of ways to skin a cat, and what method you use depends on what you want that skin for, and how messy you like the results!