selecting a region of interest from command line

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selecting a region of interest from command line

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Right now i am using -crop and specifying the co-ordinates to select a particular area on an image but i can't specify co-ordinates for every image all the time.

is there anyway that i can display an image, select a desired area on it and then save the area as a new image from command line? Also is it possible to select different regions of interest on the same picture?? and is it possible to display the entire image along with the boxes marking the selected area?


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Re: selecting a region of interest from command line

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Not with IM. You are wanting some type of GUI control.

I myself use a VERY OLD tool for that type of thing. "xv" and while it has not had active development for a long time, it is still often better than many other newer programs (which make it hard to access various functions) for basic image manipulation.

Basically you will need to shop around for a image GUI that works for you. From a very large, has everything in it GIMP, to smaller basic image displayers.

Note IM display does a few things but it is really just for quick display of images rather than general manipulation.

I supose at this point -- suggestions welcome -- What do you use to display, select points, or basic image sorting, comparing and manipulation?

However lets not criticize peoples choices, and we have no need for a flame war.
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Re: selecting a region of interest from command line

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I think you will need to use javascript, there are a couple of examples around although I do not have any links.

I started looking into a php method buy clicking on the image and passing these values to another page where you clicked for the second corner. When you submitted that page the two positions were then sent to ImageMagick and the cropping was done