Photoshop EPS

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Photoshop EPS

Post by nsh » 2008-11-27T06:46:23-07:00

Sorry for asking,

but is there any workaround to get convert (imagemagick) to save eps files so that photoshop don't ask for rasterizing options when opens the result file ?

image magick writes generic eps, not photoshop eps, i know, but still...

it's seams that photoshops adds this line : %ImageData: 255 399 8 1 0 255 1 "beginimage" (no standard of course)

have anyone a solution to this ?

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Re: Photoshop EPS

Post by anthony » 2008-11-30T17:59:18-07:00

If we can find out what that line means we may be able to help.

Postscript by default is a VECTOR language. I am not certain how photoshop can recognize the EPS files it generates and extract the raw image data directly from it.

Extracting the raw images from a postscript file. That is the pixel data without regard for density or other information is something thing that I would very much like to do IN GENERAL. Ghostscript however does not seem to provide this facility.
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