Postscript delegate failed

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Postscript delegate failed

Post by riegel »

Hello, I am trying to get identify to be called via a cgi script. It will identify JPEG GIF and PNG, but as if I try to identify an EPS file I get a delegate failure.

But if I try to run identify from the command line it works just fine.

This is the command I am running...

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identify -format "<x>%w</x> <y>%h</y> <m>%m</m>" /usr/home/clearimage/html/tcode/app-img/.TEMP/timecardmachinejTEMP.eps
Any ideas?

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Re: Postscript delegate failed

Post by magick »

Your CGI environment is different from your command line environment. For example, the gs program may be in your command line execution path but not your CGI execution path. Add -debug configure,module to your ImageMagick command in the CGI environment and save the output to a log. Review the log to determine why the command is failing.