Round corners

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Re: Round corners

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In this example posted above earlier, just add +write mask.png in the parenthesis section at the end when compositing the 4 corners the first time you use it.

convert thumbnail.gif \( +clone -alpha extract \
\( -size 15x15 xc:black -draw 'fill white circle 15,15 15,0' -write mpr:arc +delete \) \
\( mpr:arc \) -gravity northwest -composite \
\( mpr:arc -flip \) -gravity southwest -composite \
\( mpr:arc -flop \) -gravity northeast -composite \
\( mpr:arc -rotate 180 \) -gravity southeast -composite +write mask.png \) \
-alpha off -compose CopyOpacity -composite rounded_corners.png

From then on for the same size input, use the mask in place of all the code in the parentheses before the +write mask.png

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convert thumbnail.gif \
mask.png \
-alpha off -compose CopyOpacity -composite rounded_corners2.png

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