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Re: How do I simplify this mess ? (merging/stacking many ima

Posted: 2010-08-06T15:24:19-07:00
by Werty
That's about what I have tried, and it does something that might just be the right thing, but the color thing is still missing, when I try to add anything about colors like -highlight-color it crashes.

I'll look around some more, just started learning IM, gonna read up on the layers and mpr/clones.


Re: How do I simplify this mess ? (merging/stacking many ima

Posted: 2010-08-06T16:53:58-07:00
by fmw42
I think highlight color only applies to use in compare. So if you are using convert -compose difference, then you need to colorize separately. You can map black (or any given single color) to any (other) color you want via

convert image -fill somecolor -opaque black result

but I am not sure how that goes over to API. Colors can be specified any way that is valid (colornames, rgb, cmyk, hsl, hsb, hex) but you need to use quotes on anything but color names. See

mpr (in memory storage) would be optimal, but only works in one command line (I don't know about API). Next would be clones, then .mpc files (memory mapped disk files)

Again, if you can provide a few of the cone images separately, I would try some things in command line mode for you.