Conditional convert

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Conditional convert

Post by thud » 2010-10-22T07:14:16-07:00


I want to trim an image, and if the resulting canvas is too small for my definition, I want to do deliver some replacement image.
For the sake of performance, can this be done in a single convert operation; or alternatively can this be done using pipes?

Big thanks for your help!


Re: Conditional convert

Post by immortal26 » 2010-10-22T07:55:45-07:00

This may help you out, as far as conditional statements:

Only way I can think of is using a script.
Are you using any scripting now? and which language?


Re: Conditional convert

Post by thud » 2010-10-25T04:01:33-07:00

Thanks for your reply,

I am aware that the control flow can be dealt with outside of IM.
I am using im4java and was hoping to avoid the expense of forking off multiple IM processes from the JVM. Also I expect that doing the conversion in multiple IM instances may introduce concurrency issues...

Will sleep over it.
Regards, thud

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