Put images together with overlapping

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Put images together with overlapping

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Can the montage command take negative values for the -geometry parameter? -- I want to put two images together with overlapping in between them.

I tried composite -geometry ... f1 f2 -size new_size new_file,

but the output new_file still has the same size as f2.

Please help.


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Re: Put images together with overlapping

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Re: Put images together with overlapping

Post by anthony »

The trick is you also need blank images on the sides of the montage (empty cells) or the images will also be clipped.

An alturnative is to simply give the images an positional offset relative to each other, and 'layer merge' the images. With that method you can place image ANYWHERE you want relative to each other.

See Programmed positioning of images.

Oh and please let us see what you come up with. It is always interesting to see results and not just problems!
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