convert returns 143

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convert returns 143

Post by kebner » 2012-03-09T02:59:09-07:00


we use convert (version 6.6.3-0) to resize images but we stumple into problems when resizing larger images (forget most of the output, I highlighted the more relevant points here):

Failed to retrieve size 'image76x60' for ImageModel (12018987225313) ' ... rormessage: Failed to scale image 'ImageModel (12018987225313)'., caused by Command [/opt/dpag/ggdpag01/hybris/contrib/im/bin/convert, /opt/dpag/ggdpag01/hybris/data/media/sys_master/public/v/g/ig/16739464708126.jpg, (, +clone, -resize, 226x183, -background, white, -gravity, Center, -extent, 226x183, +write, /opt/dpag/ggdpag01/hybris/tmp/ImageMagickMultiImageService4355346411547123220.tmp, +delete, ), (, +clone, -resize, 146x114, -background, white, -gravity, Center, -extent, 146x114, -compress, JPEG, -quality, 70, +write, /opt/dpag/ggdpag01/hybris/tmp/ImageMagickMultiImageService8473520276355721813.tmp, +delete, ), (, +clone, -resize, 166x130, -background, white, -gravity, Center, -extent, 166x130, -compress, JPEG, -quality, 70, +write, /opt/dpag/ggdpag01/hybris/tmp/ImageMagickMultiImageService3195589659277919463.tmp, +delete, ), (, +clone, -resize, 76x60, -background, white, -gravity, Center, -extent, 76x60, -compress, JPEG, -quality, 70, +write, /opt/dpag/ggdpag01/hybris/tmp/ImageMagickMultiImageService8627408763682617478.tmp, +delete, ), (, +clone, -resize, 407x319, -background, white, -gravity, Center, -extent, 407x319, +write, /opt/dpag/ggdpag01/hybris/tmp/ImageMagickMultiImageService2956896396278054810.tmp, +delete, ), -resize, 712x360, -background, white, -gravity, Center, -extent, 712x360, /opt/dpag/ggdpag01/hybris/tmp/ImageMagickMultiImageService8540034483359025996.tmp]' exited with value '143'.

convert gets called out of a tomcat application running on RHEL installed on a big server (64GB RAM and 48cores). Most of the time, it works perfect, but when faced with larger images (in this case 1.5MB, dimension 2736x3648 pixels), it failes and returns 143. I didn't find any information what 143 actually means. Could someone give me a hint where to look?

Thanks for your time

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