[SOLVED] Ubuntu: pull all dependencies for source IM install

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[SOLVED] Ubuntu: pull all dependencies for source IM install

Post by NicolasRobidoux » 2012-04-20T16:26:50-07:00

My Masters student Adam Turcotte found a really efficient way of pulling all dependencies for IM source compile on an Ubuntu system:

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sudo apt-get install imagemagick libmagick++-dev
More from him:
Also, I'm pretty sure the "official" way of installing ImageMagick is best:

By default, it installs in /usr/local, which I'm starting to really like. As long as you perform

sudo ldconfig /usr/local/lib/

the newest version of ImageMagick will be used. So now when I type

pkg-config --modversion ImageMagick

it returns 7.0.0.

As long as the user follows those steps, my scripts won't complain. I think it's pretty straightforward.
Not totally sure that this is safer than a prefixed install w.r.t. to other software that uses IM (and may prefer an other version than the one compiled from source). I suppose we'll find out.

P.S. From Adam:
The Synaptic version of ImageMagick is installed in /usr whereas the source version is installed in /usr/local.

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Re: [SOLVED] Ubuntu: pull all dependencies for source IM ins

Post by anthony » 2012-04-22T22:33:38-07:00

Added this to IM examples, Ubuntu notes.

I thought I had a similar recommendation in my Fedora/Redhat build notes

but it seems I did not include it. Added it now.

Do you know how to build a Debian Package of ImageMagick, I could find how to do this, when I tried out using a Ubuntu Linux install on my laptop. Went back to Fedora because of this!

I much prefer to install ImageMagick using packages for the main system, though I do have methods to run ImageMagick directly from a secondary install directory (for HDRI) or from a the actual source directory (for development testing of new IMv6 features, or IMv7 alpha test builds).
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Re: [SOLVED] Ubuntu: pull all dependencies for source IM ins

Post by avant » 2012-04-22T23:02:34-07:00

This seems like a good resource for creating Debian packages:

I am in the process of creating a Debian package for my test suite, which requires ImageMagick 7.0.0, so a Debian package of it would be extremely useful to me.

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