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Newbie questions.. please help!!

Posted: 2012-07-19T17:18:39-07:00
by 9tontruck
Hi guys

I am working on color tone shifting so playing with ICC/ICM profile. I have a ICM file and I need to embed it to a JPG file.
Below is my code:

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#include "Magick++.h"
using namespace Magick; 

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	char* img_name = "samsung.jpg";
	char* icm_name = "Samsung_to_Cannon.icm";

	Image image;;  //read image

	Image icm;;  //read color profile * I am not sure how to read ICM file
	Blob blobICM;
	blobICM = icm.iccColorProfile();  
	StringInfo *profile;  //StringInfo undefined

	MagickExport::SetImageProfile(&image, "icc", profile); //the global scope has no "SetImageProfile"		
MagickBooleanType SetImageProfile(Image *image,const char *name,
const StringInfo *profile)

First, I am not sure how to read ICM file and make a StringInfo object
Second, I don't have access to MagickExport::SetImageProfile function. It says the global scope has no "SetImageProfile"

Please help...

Re: Newbie questions.. please help!!

Posted: 2012-07-23T21:33:31-07:00
by anthony
A String info is just a structure containing a string (byte array), the allocated size and its current length. It is used when the string could contain zero or NUL characters