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ImageMagick versions on Ubuntu Server 12.04

Posted: 2013-11-10T17:19:04-07:00
by openletter
The repository for Ubuntu Server 12.04 has ImageMagick 8:, which was uploaded 2012-08-22. I have been unable to find a PPA supporting ImageMagick and the Ubuntu Developer team has uploaded recent versions of ImageMagick for later versions of Ubuntu. I realize another option would be to use back ports, but I'm not clear if I will gain anything by using a more updated version of ImageMagick plus I'm wondering if the reason the Ubuntu Developer team hasn't supported older versions of Ubuntu is because there is some issue. I could compile from source, but I know that I'm not the greatest at keeping up with updating things installed that way.

Is there an issue with installing newer versions to Ubuntu 12.04? Can anyone recommend a simple method of maintaining the package for the more brainless admins such as myself?

The only package I am running that uses ImageMagick is MediaWiki. Would I gain anything by running newer versions of ImageMagick?

Re: ImageMagick versions on Ubuntu Server 12.04

Posted: 2013-11-10T18:09:02-07:00
by wappy
Hi openletter

I had the same problem and i was having problems with ImagemagicK and to remove question on if it was a old version causing the problem i upgraded. The problem i was having ended up being me not knowing how to use ImageMagicK good enough. The only thing i did not see in the read me (i might have just missed it) but adding the install location to the PATH.

I compiled the build at this location, just read the 20 page readme hehe. ... 7-5.tar.gz

Once it is installed type: (verify path before typing it but this is where it installed for me)
export PATH=$PATH:/usr/local/bin
source .bashrc

Re: ImageMagick versions on Ubuntu Server 12.04

Posted: 2013-11-10T18:53:03-07:00
by openletter
Thank you, wappy. However, it still is not clear to me how to upgrade from installing this way, and I'm a bit lazy on upgrade methods so my first preference is to install through repository, back ports, or PPA.

Re: ImageMagick versions on Ubuntu Server 12.04

Posted: 2013-11-25T00:32:13-07:00
by johnfl68
Those there really needs to be some better instructions on how to get the latest build of ImageMagick and Image::Magick (Perl) installed on Ubuntu Server 12.04.

I have looked all around, and tried different instructions listed various places, and none have really worked.

It shouldn't be as difficult as it seems, I can install other software fine, and it is usually simple and concise, but for some reason for ImageMagick, you have to jump through all these hoops to get it working correctly.

There has to be a better solution to this issue.