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Append color & black and white

Posted: 2014-01-26T07:34:58-07:00
by LotusE
Hello everybody,

I have a script that merges 2 images horizontally using the ImageMagick Convert command with the -append option. Everything works fine, it was just click and forget until now: 1 of the 2 images that I want to append is a black & white image. When I append it to the color Image, the color image becomes black & white too.

Is there any way that I can prevent this from happening?

Thanks for the information!

Re: Append color & black and white

Posted: 2014-01-26T08:03:04-07:00
by snibgo
Yes, probably.

To help us help you, we need some more information. What version of IM on what platform? Exactly what was your command? It may help if you provide sample images that show the problem.

Re: Append color & black and white

Posted: 2014-01-26T08:16:29-07:00
by LotusE
It's Imagemagick 6.8.8-Q16. I'm using the ImageMagick object in an Autoit script. This is my simple code:

$nresult= $oimg.Convert($cfileA, $cfileB, "+append", $cfileA)

So I'm appending image file B to file A and I save it under the name of file A.

I had this with one of the personal image files of a client, so I'm not in the liberty of posting these images here.

I'm gonna see if I can replicate the problem with one of my own files and I'll get back to you.

Re: Append color & black and white

Posted: 2014-01-26T08:18:42-07:00
by LotusE
Forgot to mention: the platform is Windows 7

Re: Append color & black and white

Posted: 2014-01-26T08:32:59-07:00
by snibgo
v6.8.8 should be fine. I know nothing about Autoit. You might find that changing "+append" to "+append -type Truecolor" does the trick.

Otherwise, perhaps you can:

Code: Select all

identify -verbose fileA
identify -verbose fileB
and post the text output here. Put it between [ code ] and [ / code] to preserve the formatting.

Re: Append color & black and white

Posted: 2014-01-26T16:40:55-07:00
by RobertHiedrick
Had the same probllem, but this isnĀ“t working :-(

Re: Append color & black and white

Posted: 2014-01-26T16:56:01-07:00
by snibgo
If you have a problem in Autoit, I suggest you try to replicate the situation at the command line.