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Questions and postings pertaining to the usage of ImageMagick regardless of the interface. This includes the command-line utilities, as well as the C and C++ APIs. Usage questions are like "How do I use ImageMagick to create drop shadows?".
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Imagemagick Wiki

Post by anthony »

VanGog wrote:I already used to the differences between Unix and Windows syntax.

Note: It would be good idea to take the IM v6 html document and create Windows version by replacing all the Unix syntax differences for Windows syntax, so Windows users woundn't be confused (beginners).
That would be nice, but the code in the html documents is actually extracted and used to actually generate the examples,
on a UNIX (linux) system. It is done that way so that the code you see is the code that is used... No chance of a missmatch bettwen the code and results, at least at the time it was last generated. Any more complications to that would likely produce more problems thant it is worth.

This is also the reason why the documentation is not a Wiki. It would be very hard to convert it to a wiki form which would allos users to update.

On the other hand as I am no longer as active in IM development and exampling (life moves on, and I was active for more than 10 years), the start of a wiki of IM examples, based on the same structure as the current IM Examples, would probably be very welcome. However expect examples to break as the code evolves. That is where I actually spent a lot of my time when I was active... fixing examples and finding bugs due to checks that notifies me when some example did change significatally.

Sorry, its a bit off topic, but you mentioned it.

Perhaps you would like to start a IM example wiki :-)
Anthony Thyssen -- Webmaster for ImageMagick Example Pages

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Re: Sophisticated fuzz with HSL definition?

Post by snibgo »

If someone started a wiki, that might be good. I'm not sure that enough people would contribute, especially down the byways of all the various shells and APIs, and there would be problems keeping it up to date.

For my own Windows pages, I shamelessly stole Anthony's idea of extracting code from the page to make images and data for that page. This is also a convenient way of solving problems and developing projects, and regression testing. If my pages help other users, that's an added bonus.

Also off-topic, sorry.
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Re: Imagemagick Wiki

Post by fmw42 »

I split off this part of the earlier topic to this new one regarding an Imagemagick Wiki

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Re: Imagemagick Wiki

Post by whugemann »

I would not recommend using wiki software for that. I set up a MediaWiki in German language, which deals with the subject of accident reconstruction. There are about 300 people in Germany in this job and I could not get more than a handful of them to contribute. Instead, we had to cope with all those funsters who write advertisements and alike into the wiki. Thus we kept the framework, but closed it for normal users, so that it is more like a CMS now.

Converting the IM examples website to a modern CMS would make sense, I guess, if several persons would work on it in the future. I made some contributions to it, coding everything directly in HTML, using just a normal editor. It can be done, but Anthony had to check the code everytime I did so.

But still someone would have to be responsible for the maintainance of the CMS, which really takes time.
Wolfgang Hugemann

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