Image to PDF/X-1a

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Image to PDF/X-1a

Post by myspacee »

can i generate a PDF/X-1a from an image using IM ?

I've a web tool used to convert document and image, and want to give mu user opportunity to create PDF/X-1a file.

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Re: Image to PDF/X-1a

Post by whugemann »

IM uses Ghostscript to process PDF input and output, so this is probably a question of the options you define in delegates.xml for the gs command line. There seem to be options that get Ghostscript to produce PDF/X-1a compliant output.
Wolfgang Hugemann

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Re: Image to PDF/X-1a

Post by fmw42 »

I would suggest that you experiment with standalone GS. If you can get that to work, you can then add a line to the delegates.xml file so that IM can create it using the GS arguments.