Rotate / wrap image around a circle ( center ) ?

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Rotate / wrap image around a circle ( center ) ?

Post by myicq »

Given that I have an image on a file, what would be a strategy to wrap that image around the center of a circle ?

Example: I have an image with text "Circumference", and would like a result like this

The actual application is not text, but can be different things.

If possible I would like to use both left and right rotation, and specify start / end angle.

I know I need some kind of distortion to the image, but can't figure out which one.

Thanks for any input and help.

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Re: Rotate / wrap image around a circle ( center ) ?

Post by snibgo »

In the example you give, each letter is placed undistorted at the appropriate position and angle. You could do this with annotate, for each letter separately. Or with SVG.

For more general distortions of images into arcs, see ... r_distorts
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Re: Rotate / wrap image around a circle ( center ) ?

Post by Bonzo »

Correct me if I am wrong but I think the OP wants the blue arrow as well. arc or polar may do what you want?

An example from my website I did a few years ago:


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$cmd = "$input -matte -virtual-pixel transparent".  
" -distort polar \"100,20 133,100 180,270\" ";  
exec("convert $cmd polar.png"); 
As snibgo said check out Anthony's site: