Cross compile IM for Windows on Linux?

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Cross compile IM for Windows on Linux?

Post by awake » 2016-03-16T13:15:05-07:00

I have been searching for any information on this topic; my apologies if I have missed it and am asking something that has already been well discussed.

I am interested in writing a small utility program that draws on the imagemagick libraries (preferably via magick++). Normally I write most of my programs on a Linux platform using wxWidgets, set up to allow me to produce both a Linux version and a Windows version of the same program.

Of course, doing this means having the appropriate windows-based libraries on hand as well as the appropriate Linux-based libraries. I have successfully cross-compiled various other libraries, such as sqlite or freetds or such, from Linux; often all that is required is to run configure --host=i686_w64_mingw32 --prefix=/usr/i686_w64_mingw32. I tried that against the IM source that I downloaded (ImageMagick.tar.gz containing ImageMagick-6.9.3-7); the configure runs to completion, but the make errors out almost immediately, unable to find intsafe.h

I'm probably missing something easy or obvious ... but I am not at all sure what I need to do to succeed. Can anybody walk me through this or point me to a step-by-step procedure?

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