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Differences between JPG files, what to do?

Posted: 2017-01-23T23:57:58-07:00
by magnets
I have a 127,512 byte file produced by my PHP application using the Magickwand PHP package. When I open the file with MS Paint it looks fine. I can immediately save it in MS Paint and the size becomes 134,796 bytes. No problem.

But when I try to use the 127,512 byte file with a MS Visual Studio based package the application GUI blows up and dumps a stack. When I use the 134,796 byte file it works perfectly fine. Big Problem.

The file size difference is of no concern. The concern is that I need my application to produce a usable file without the need to to use MS Paint or any other special tool.

Is anyone aware of this issue? Any suggestions?

Re: Differences between JPG files, what to do?

Posted: 2017-01-24T00:20:25-07:00
by fmw42
It might help if you provide your IM version and OS/platform and also your exact command and the input and output images from your code.