convert fails for fig to jpg

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convert fails for fig to jpg

Post by selmna » 2017-06-19T04:30:20-07:00

I am trying to convert fig files to jpg using ImageMagick. When i am trying the basic command "convert input.fig output.jpg", it fails with the below error message.
convert: UnsupportedCellTypeInTheMatrix `input.fig' @ error/mat.c/ReadMATImage/838.
fig2dev(Transfig) - supports to read fig file in imagemagick.
How can i check that do i have that libray?. if library is not available how can i include it?
I installed Imagemagick(6.9.3-0) using yum install in unix machine.

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Re: convert fails for fig to jpg

Post by anthony » 2017-06-20T16:30:06-07:00

The Fig file format is a vector image format saved by the program "xfig" . This has not seem any real changes for at least 20 years, but is still available using Linux. Heck.. I'm so old I still use it for basic line drawings (even combined with small raster images).
The best way to output fig files is to a printer.. That is what it is designed to output to. However to generate a raster of the fig file at a specific size and resolution, I would probably yse the xfig program itself.

The "fig2dev" program is part of the xfig packages, in redhat/fedora linux it was included in "transfig" package. The "dev' format is a device independent raster format which can then convert to most raster and vector formats.

I hope this answers your questions.

As a matter of interest, what are you using "fig" for? Last time I used xfig was to draw up plans for a house renovation for my daughter just 3 months ago.
Anthony Thyssen -- Webmaster for ImageMagick Example Pages

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