Set certain pixels black, leave others alone

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Set certain pixels black, leave others alone

Post by sizzzzlerz » 2017-09-04T14:06:16-07:00

From the recent eclipse, I have some images of the partially eclipsed sun showing up in orange on an almost black background. What I'd like to do is set the almost black pixels to fully black while leaving the orange image of the sun unchanged. Basically, if all RGB channels of a pixel have a value between 0 and N, I want that pixel to be set to (0,0,0). If any channel has a value greater than N, the pixel should remain unmodified. I need to experiment to determine a good value of N. I've played with -channel and -threshold a bit but haven't found the correct recipe. Is there one which will do what I want?

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Re: Set certain pixels black, leave others alone

Post by fmw42 » 2017-09-04T15:04:11-07:00

You could try -black-threshold. See ... -threshold. You may have to do it channel by channel using -channel. Also it uses either percent or pixel values in the range 0 to quantumrange for your compile of ImageMagick. (Q8 is 0 to 255, Q16 is 0 to 65535)

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