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finding pixel position in imagemagick

Posted: 2017-11-08T07:41:29-07:00
by manit
i opened an image using GUI of imagemagick in ubuntu 16.04.3(64bit) .
Now I zoomed into the image .
I want to know the pixel position of my mouse .
Actually my aim is to manually locate pixel position of a particular chessboard square corner in image .
In paintbrush in windows , it is simply hovering the mouse over desired point and status bar shows the x,y coordinate.
How do I do this in imagemagick ?


PS:I will post imagemagick version as soon as I can.

Re: finding pixel position in imagemagick

Posted: 2017-11-08T10:35:15-07:00
by fmw42
I do not know if this will work on your system. One used to be able to do something like option click or command click and get the cursor location. But on my system if I select EDIT then CUT and move the cursor over the image, the X,Y location of the cursor shows. I am on a Mac using XQuartz. But the X11 that I used to have before Apple stopped using it, worked the older way.

Re: finding pixel position in imagemagick

Posted: 2017-11-23T21:36:20-07:00
by manit
sorry for late reply.
could not get internet access.
Now, I have tried it and found following.
I clicked and chose edit>cut.Then mouse position appears in top left corner.
But, the issue is it does not show absolute pixel position of the image.
Suppose , i zoom in 16 times in an image then i should observe same value of x,y over a square block in window. Here, a little mouse shift rapidly changes the coordinates visible in top left corner of window. I think, if I want to find pixel position of image then I should divide visible coordinates by magnification factor.
So, it is not useful in my case.

Can you suggest anything else ?