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Convert BMP to TIFF while streaming to new storage location

Posted: 2017-12-19T16:58:54-07:00
by Dubhead
Curious as to how the stream and convert functionality may be used to potentially convert a bunch of BMP files sitting in a blob storage on GCP into TIFF files in a new storage location as part of a VM (also in GCP). There is a PostgreSQL database that contains the metadata for the BMP images that will later be embedded into the converted TIFF files, but wondering if/how the stream and convert functionality in IM may allow this to happen. It seems like a great way to not have to copy the BMP to the new storage location, perform the conversion and then dump the BMP (reducing bandwith cost ideally). Is this a feasible/best approach?

Thanks for any thoughts about this,
~Dubhead 8)