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Set '-quiet' programmicaly

Posted: 2017-12-29T02:57:44-07:00
by saharrrrok
I`m trying to read tiff and there is a warning 'Unknown field with tag 292 (0x124) encountered'. How to ignore it in C++ program?

Re: Set '-quiet' programmicaly

Posted: 2017-12-29T08:10:44-07:00
by snibgo
I don't know, but perhaps you should use the SetWarningHandler() function.

Re: Set '-quiet' programmicaly

Posted: 2017-12-29T15:14:45-07:00
by dlemstra
You could use the `quiet(true)` to ignore warnings but you should not get any when you use the constructor to read the image.

Re: Set '-quiet' programmicaly

Posted: 2018-01-08T22:23:45-07:00
by saharrrrok
I solved the problem by using ReadOptions:

ReadOptions options;
readImages(&image_list, path, options);

But is works only with ImageMagick 7, there is no such method in 6 version.