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Re: image rotation

Post by dav1988 » 2018-03-03T20:34:12-07:00

ok thanks now i understand better!
anyway so we can say that it does not exist a way to estabilish if the differences are caused by a rotation or not, right?

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Re: image rotation

Post by snibgo » 2018-03-03T21:11:22-07:00

We can look at a differences image and see if the difference can be explained by a rotation. For example, we take one image and find the difference with a small rotation of that image, 0.01 degrees:

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convert rkdgyr.jpg ( +clone -rotate 0.01 +repage ) -gravity Center  -compose Difference -composite -auto-level rdg_rot_diff.png
We can look at rdg_rot_diff.png and see that differences occur at high-contrast object boundaries, eg around the woman, and they are strongest when the boundary is a radial from the centre. This strongly suggests a rotation around the centre.

By contrast, the differences between your original two images are very noisy, and not stronger in any direction.
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