resample creates large files in /tmp

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resample creates large files in /tmp

Post by twodown11 » 2018-04-18T12:05:01-07:00

We have certain images (JPG) that when converted with -resample create very large Magick files in /tmp. Trying to determine what about the jpeg image triggers creation of the tmp files. Other jpeg of similar size do not result in tmp file creation. Looking to identify what about jpeg might be triggering creation of these tmp files and tools(?) I can use to see if convert of specific jpeg will potentially trigger this creation

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Re: resample creates large files in /tmp

Post by snibgo » 2018-04-18T12:46:50-07:00

I expect the pixel caches are being stored on disk, because you don't have enough memory or you have limited the use, eg in policy.xml.

The critical numbers will be: the input size (in pixels), the old density and the required resampling density.
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Re: resample creates large files in /tmp

Post by fmw42 » 2018-04-18T13:43:06-07:00

I often find it easier to get desired results by -resize the image to the desired pixel dimensions and then adding -density to assign the final density that you want that will make it print to the desired print size. Just an alternate to -resample.

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