Mogrify compose

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Mogrify compose

Post by sfg » 2018-07-11T15:57:33-07:00


Couple of years ago I was using this line:

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mogrify -format png -alpha off -bordercolor Black -border 1 -alpha on *.png
to add a 1 pixel Black border around all the images in a folder while maintaining their transparency. Now it's not working anymore, the transparency is filled with black.

I looked a bit and found about the Compose option and I tried this:

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mogrify -bordercolor black -compose Copy -border 1 *.png
However, it's not working. I get this error:

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mogrify: unrecognized option `-compose' @ error/mogrify.c/MogrifyImageCommand/45
Compose is listed as an option here:

What am I doing wrong?
Also, any other option to create 1 pixel border around the images and keep their transparency? Note that the border can't be drawn on the image itself, it should be on the "outside", basically increasing the image by 2 pixels on both the vertical and the horizontal.

Thank you.

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Re: Mogrify compose

Post by fmw42 » 2018-07-11T17:21:00-07:00

Please, always provide your IM version and platform when asking questions, since syntax may differ. Also provide your exact command line and if possible your images.

See the top-most post in this forum "IMPORTANT: Please Read This FIRST Before Posting" at ... f=1&t=9620

If using Imagemagick 7, then see

For novices, see ... f=1&t=9620 ... essing.php

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