positioning of image

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positioning of image

Post by rtoutant »

I have a linux vps and trying to use convert.exe to do the following

I have a image used as a place holder -> placeholder.jpg which is 300dpi (for inserting into pdf ) and trying to place an image in the placeholder.jpg using rgb and the same 300dpi for the userimage.jpg (and both set to rgb - cmyk has been known to be used in the uploaded userimage.jpg )
The image (userimage.jpg) uploaded.. would have a positioning information -> x% y% and a scale % .

i have search the web for help - but apparently i am not searching with the right search criteria.

the place holder image is created using php the demensions provided from a webpage

(light blue box is where the image goes and is the demensions provided for the creating of the webplaceholder.jpg)

$image = new Imagick();
$image->newImage($winches*72*$scale, $hinches*72*$scale, new ImagickPixel('white'));

image is then inserted into where the place holder is and can be scaled and positioned


and then
/usr/bin/convert webplaceholder.jpg -fill white -background white -alpha off -resample 300
to ensure 300dpi

I have no idea how to place the otheruserimage.jpg image in the webplaceholder.jpg with correct positioning and scaling and ensuring it too is 300dpi and is the correct width and height (proportional)