PSD to JPG convertion is noisy

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PSD to JPG convertion is noisy

Post by abdelhadi » 2018-12-12T13:27:29-07:00

I tried to convert a PSD file to JPG using the last Imagick version, however I got a completely different version with much added noise to the image. Here's the PSD. I tried searching the forum for similar issues and tried different commands also. But none of that worked unfortunately. ... 2YKIGRQPJA
the result is this Image

Any idea what could the issue be? Thank you.

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Re: PSD to JPG convertion is noisy

Post by fmw42 » 2018-12-12T16:51:17-07:00

What is your version of ImageMagick and platform/OS and your exact command line?

The following command works fine for me on IM Q16 Mac OSX.

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convert image.psd[0] image.jpg


Please, always provide your IM version and platform when asking questions, since syntax may differ.

Also provide your exact command line and your images, if possible.

See the top-most post in this forum "IMPORTANT: Please Read This FIRST Before Posting" at ... f=1&t=9620

If using Imagemagick 7, then see

For novices, see ... f=1&t=9620 ... essing.php

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