Unable to read multipage TIFF file past page 6459

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Unable to read multipage TIFF file past page 6459

Post by Nikhilesh » 2018-12-24T18:22:50-07:00


I have a 20GB multipage TIFF file whose individual pages I want to extract and save. I seem to be running into problem after page 6549. Using the command magick convert -quiet "input.tiff[6550-7000]" "output%d".tiff ,
I get the following error convert: too many exceptions (exception processing is suspended) @ error/exception.c/ThrowException/969.

Is this because of the 4GB limit on the maximum TIFF file size? Is there a workaround using BigTiff? I'm using ImageMagick-7.0.8

Any help is much appreciated.

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Re: Unable to read multipage TIFF file past page 6459

Post by fmw42 » 2018-12-24T18:32:23-07:00

This will not likely help. But in Imagemagick 7, use magick, not magick convert and not simply convert. For other tools such as identify, etc, preface them with magick, so magick identify.

It might be helpful to the IM developers if you identify your platform and exact IM 7 version, e.g. 7.0.8-x. Also the version number of libtiff.

I believe that IM can use BigTiff, if you install the delegate. See http://bigtiff.org (libtiff 4.1)

I don't know the limitations on sizes nor on Imagemagick number of pages, if any.

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