Help with TIFF

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Help with TIFF

Post by sunnyrose1994 »

Hi there.
We are using the Image Magick to generate a non-rectangular image uploaded by user on a website.
The website module generates a transparent area of the certain shape around the uploaded user's image and generates the TIFF file.

This images are being used for futher printing in on EPSON SC-7000 via Wasach SoftRIP TX.

The problem is that transparent area around the image becomes black, which terrible for us )
JUST AN IDEA. It seems to me that the generated image has multiple layers and RIP software doesn't "allow" it and shows me a black area.

My qusetion is how can i make sure that generated TIFF has merged layers?

Here is the screenshot:
the left one is after re-saving in Corel
the right one comes directly from Image Magick (has black area around)

Please give any other ideas.
Thanks in advance

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Re: Help with TIFF

Post by fmw42 »

We need more information.

What processing are you doing before you save to TIFF? If in ImageMagick, what is the command line.

Can you provide your TIFF file? If not what do you get from

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identify -verbose your.tiff
What is Corel doing? Is it saving as JPG, which does not support transparency?


What is your IM version and platform?

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Re: Help with TIFF

Post by snibgo »

I don't understand the overall question, but ...
sunnyrose1994 wrote:The problem is that transparent area around the image becomes black, which terrible for us.
... perhaps "-background White -alpha Background" will help.
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