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masking two BW-TIFs

Posted: 2019-08-21T02:37:56-07:00
by tco95ttocs
Hi Guys,
since several days i try to masked 2 Black-White-TIFs with each other. But i didn't come to an end!
i Tried something with -clip-mask and composite but until now i didnt get the result i want to (see below; was created with some old Linux based software)
I have the following tifs:
the masking tif
the tif that should be masekd

the result should looks like this!

Can someone help me, please!

Re: masking two BW-TIFs

Posted: 2019-08-21T05:44:41-07:00
by snibgo
What version of IM, on what platform? I'll assume v7, on Windows.

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magick maske.png -negate hrot.png -compose Lighten -composite out.png

Re: masking two BW-TIFs

Posted: 2019-08-21T06:43:49-07:00
by tco95ttocs
thx snibgo

just before reading your answer i got another solution!

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magick maske.png -negate hrot.png -compose plus -composite out.png
but you are right i forgot the Version....for testing 7.0.8-Q16 on Win7 and later for automation some actuall version of
but now everything is fine :)

so this could be closed