DPX file with RLE compression?

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DPX file with RLE compression?

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This is part of the DPX specification. We have a client who has asked if we can support this format in our workflow, but none of our applications can create DPX with RLE compression. We have looked at the relevant SMPTE Spec documentation (ST 268-1:2018) and have confirmed that RLE is supported. But we need to test some files with our usual applications to confirm we can handle this.

Is there a way to create an RLE compressed DPX in ImageMagick? We can do it with TIFF and have confirmed that works in several applications, but we've been unable to do it with DPX.


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Re: DPX file with RLE compression?

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Post a link to a couple of RLE encoded DPX images so we download and inspect them. ImageMagick does not support RLE currently, but its a simple compression scheme. It might not take much effort to add support for RLE.

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