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V6 vs V7: parallel install

Posted: 2020-03-04T01:19:44-07:00
by alexxxm
I'm using IM V6.9.9-38 on a Linux desktop Fedora fc27.
Recently I had the necessity to debug some scripts I developed on a windows machine in our lab, where unfortunately we installed IM V7

I don't want to lose access, on the Linux machine, to the V6 commands - too many scripts rely on them.
Is it possible to install in parallel V7, without having it to overwrite anything from V6 ?

Thanks for any help...

Re: V6 vs V7: parallel install

Posted: 2020-03-04T03:05:08-07:00
by snibgo
I use Windows, not Linux. But this may help you.

On Windows, I have multiple installations of both v6 and v7. I simply install them to different directories.

I don't normally have any of those directories on my system path. Instead, I usually prefix "convert" or "magick" with the directory I want.

I could have one v6 directory and one v7 directory on my system path, provided:

- The v7 installation did not install legacy components "convert" etc.

- Scripts always called "convert" and "identify" etc for v6, and "magick" for v7.

Re: V6 vs V7: parallel install

Posted: 2020-03-05T00:29:25-07:00
by alexxxm
Thank you snibgo,
that's a good hint that there is at least the possibility it could work...

In fact it seems to me that there is no pre-compiled Fedora image of V7, so I could install it from source.
But I'm still fearful that something could be overwritten from V6...

From my RPM package, I have this installed:

Code: Select all

(apart from docs, man, and debug info in /usr/lib/.build-id)

Can somebody confirm that none of these scripts will be overwritten?

Re: V6 vs V7: parallel install

Posted: 2020-03-05T03:07:49-07:00
by magick
Try the complete portable release of ImageMagick @ Nothing to install, just download and run.

Re: V6 vs V7: parallel install

Posted: 2020-03-05T03:20:37-07:00
by alexxxm
That's wonderful!!! And without any hassle of additional libraries and dependencies...
Thanks a lot!