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Progressive Scan JPEGs

Posted: 2020-03-28T23:35:29-07:00
by Ninja Joe
I love using Convert for converting multiple images into JPEG format, e.g.:

convert *.png -set filename:fname %t_b +adjoin %[filename:fname].jpg

But is it possible to save JPEGs with Progressive Scans? I like to save my JPEGs with multiple Progressive Scans as it's considered to be best practice for the Web. For example, Photoshop allows one to save a JPEGs as Progressive with an option for 3, 4 or 5 scans.

Does such an option exist? I was thinking the flag would look something like -progressive 3, progressive 5, etc. If it exists in ImageMagick, does it let you adjust the number of scans?

Re: Progressive Scan JPEGs

Posted: 2020-03-29T00:08:04-07:00
by snibgo

Re: Progressive Scan JPEGs

Posted: 2020-03-29T01:34:06-07:00
by Ninja Joe
Looks like -interlace Plane is the way to go according to: