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Posted: 2006-03-02T21:28:56-07:00
by anthony
You are unclear by what you mean by annotations.

If you annotate the image the text is part of the image, so you can't 'loose' the text!

Posted: 2006-03-05T19:08:28-07:00
by anthony
It sounds to me that it is more likely that windows is adding an extra 'meta-tag' to the TIFF image (which is a hack of such meta-tags). Naturally IM does not understand or even try to understand all these extra unknown tags.

I suggest you annotate the text with IM so it gets directly drawn onto the image rather than saved as meta-tag.

Hmmm... have you looks at the identify output?

Many formats have 'comment' and 'label' tags that IM does understand. See the montage examples where I read and use this meta info to set montage labels. See the end of this sub-section of examples ... age/#label

Their I set a 'comment' in three image formats, and then display the comment in a montage of those images.