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Posted: 2006-03-09T18:40:36-07:00
by anthony
Resample is used to resize and adjust the resolution settings for images that have already been raserized.

It is not used for vector images that was rasterized to a specific density.
That -density setting itself sets the appropriate size and resolution of the resulting image. your -resample will do NOTHING!

For more info on vector and raster images see. ... ts/#vector

Posted: 2006-03-09T19:15:08-07:00
by anthony
You may then have found a bug where the -density used on a EPS is not saved with the rasterized image.

Check the resulting image with verbose.

It amy also be that PNG has some extra meta tag the IM is not setting to save the image resolution or density.

Posted: 2006-03-12T21:30:55-07:00
by anthony
I suggest you mail cristy with that suggestion.

This -units probelm has come up before, and I am not sure why it isn't a default. Must be a reason though.

Posted: 2006-03-13T08:45:58-07:00
by magick
If you read the PNG specification you will find pixels-per-inch is not supported in the PNG format.

Posted: 2006-03-13T23:00:37-07:00
by anthony
But it is needed for postscript conversion. The PNG was just the output result.