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Posted: 2006-03-13T08:12:21-07:00
by magick
All of Anthony's command line examples should work under Windows except no backslash is required before the open parenthesis (i.e. use ( instead of \() and you might need to use single quotes where Anthony's example uses double quotes. Note that this is just requirements of the command line shell. Some shells require that certain characters be escaped.

Posted: 2006-03-13T23:16:25-07:00
by anthony
This information is given on the very top level page of the IM Examples.

PC Windows users: All examples are written for use on UNIX, and specifically Linux systems, however with care they should be usable on Windows and in DOS scripts. Caution is recommended however.

Window users should specifically note that

* Backslashes '\' appearing on the end of an example line represents a 'line continuation' which appends the next line to the same command line sequence. Just append all the lines onto one line and remove those backshashes.
* Backslashes '\' are not needed to escape parenthesis '()' or exclamation marks '!'.
* Single quotes ''' may need to be used (carefully) in place of double quotes '"' for the command to work correctly.
* Also in dos batch files any percent '%' characters may need to be doubled '%%' to work correctly.

Posted: 2006-03-14T19:08:15-07:00
by anthony
if you don't have a +clone you are NOT using version 6 of IM
in which case parenthesis will also not work, and you will be stuck runing
lots of separate convert commands creating temproary files and piple lines
to pass images between them.

See the basics page for details of the major changes and additions to IM.